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Microsoft GigJam

Taking the concept of sharing to the workplace. GigJam allows users to access documents and online services (such as Salesforce), and then facilitates sharing and co-working with others. Our objective is to deliver a product which makes sharing bits of information as friction free as possible.  Current role: managing the UX, UI, prototyping, and marketing design team.

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Amazon iPad App

Worked with POP client Amazon.com to create iPad and Android apps to enhance existing business products as well as new business ventures. Designed the initial build of the Amazon.com iPad shopping app. Explored ways to leverage Amazon.com technologies with the tablet form factor to provide a unique shopping experience.

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Microsoft Project Siena

Microsoft’s Project Siena is a Windows app that allows users to easily build cross platform mobile apps.  UI/UX design for the app itself, as well as many of the demo apps built with Project Siena to help showcase it’s power.  Created motion samples and promotional videos for the product.

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Spaceship Earth


Working with Walt Disney Imagineering, I drove the visual and interaction design for many post-show elements at EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth and Disneyland’s Innoventions.  Designed, prototyped, and then built the interface for the kiosk systems that allow guests to create their own postcards and send them home via email.

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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Created motion graphics for the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom attraction at Walt Disney World in Florida.  Leveraged existing art from Disney motion pictures, creating new clips that vary in animation style, color, and intensity.  Guests use trading cards to trigger the video playback at special locations throughout the theme park.

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MOHAI – The Museum of History and Industry

Freelance art direction and design while at Weatherhead Design, for the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle.  Provided visual design and motion graphic solutions for multiple installations.  Technologies included multi-touch tables and screens, camera capture stations, and browsable live data displays.  Responsible for multiple concurrent projects and several production artists.


Provided art direction and design for mobile and web presence for Motricity as well as motion studies, marketing email design, and in-house video production.  Motricity provided a mobile platform for wireless carriers to deliver dynamic content to their customers as well as targeted mobile advertising.

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